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Marvels X #2
Marvels X #2 Review
February 14th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

I didn’t quite like this issue as much as #1 but it was still a solid issue.  Even though issue #1 didn’t get me teary eyed or anything, it had a bit more emotion and pain in the writing that I liked.

The reveal that the truck driver was Ghost Rider was pretty cool.  Spider-Man showing up to save David was great.  It’s interesting to see a world so bleak that even Spider-Man is losing his way.

The plot is a little shaky in my opinion.  If they want to take David to Reed to hopefully find a cure, then why not just do it?  What’s the need to hideout and protect him?  Hopefully that’s clarified in the next issue.

Though I’m typically not a fan of the older art, I really like the art in this book.  It’s like old art but with a new twist to it, looks really good and fits the story and the world they’ve created perfectly.

This series seems to be incredibly low on the pull lists, which surprises me.  I’m not a huge Marvel fan and know nothing of the Earth X stuff, but in my opinion, this is better than 75% of the other material being put out right now.  It’s unique story with some great art so I’m on board.

Liked It


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