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Thor #3
Thor #3 Review
February 14th, 2020
This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

The art and writing in this issue were phenomenal.  The entire issue pretty much takes place in one spot and is a giant fight scene which you would think would get boring, but it was fantastic and so well executed.

As usual, Cates’ dialogue is amazing and really does a great job at highlight the strong bond between Thor and Beta Ray Bill and how this predicament of differing opinions and morals is damaging that bond.

This art in this issue showcased how to truly do a brawl.  In so many comics they try to incorporate some epic fight but it just feels boring and even lame.  I can’t say enough how well done this was.  It was a captivating battle from beginning to end and the dialogue during the fight makes it so much better.  It was like watching an epic movie where each character says their opinion before getting a good hit in.

Everything about this issue was badass.  Thor’s defiance to Galactus.  Beta Ray Bill’s defiance to Thor.  Everyone believes they’re doing the right thing.  Awesome concept and very well executed.

The end with Lady Sif was interesting and though she is saying that the only way is through Thor in a physical sense, I feel that the next issue will rely more on conversation.  With Thor in his current state, Sif would surely be defeated easily, though I’d imagine Thor would be hesitant to do so.  Super excited to read the next issue.

Loved It


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