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  • ajburgoyne05
    ajburgoyne05 commented on the comic, Aquaman #64
    Aquaman #64
    If Kelly Sue DeConnick is leaving, then who will be the new writer?  Has anyone heard anything?
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    • Hermatt

      The haven't announced yet. Probably will at the Fandome thing. it's not cancelled 65 is just the end of DeConnick's run. She sent out a tweet that was kind of confusing so people thought it was cancelled. 

  • ajburgoyne05

    Anybody else getting tired of Bendis' run on Superman/Action Comics?  AC has had some good world building but no real heroism, doesn't really seem to go anywhere.  As for Supes, I am so tired of Rogol Zaar, Jor'El, and Superman in space.  I miss Jurgens and Tomasi!

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    • gferg1991

      He never should have gotten those books. Tomasi was doing such good work for Superman. Introducing Jon and seeing them grow together as a family was simply AMAZING. Bendis has ruined all of that. He aged Jon up so he can write stupid and lazy teenage drama and for that I'll never forgive him. I think his other books like YJ and Namoi are better but is failing miserably with Superman. 

  • ajburgoyne05
    ajburgoyne05 commented on the comic, Young Justice #7
    Young Justice #7

    Love these characters and the art is good, but I am already tired of the List in the Multiverse story. I want them back on the real earth.

  • ajburgoyne05
    ajburgoyne05 commented on the comic, Supergirl #32
    Supergirl #32

    This story arc started with a lot of promise but seemed to fizzle out.  I am so tired of Rogol Zaar and Gandelo.  I'm not sure if things will get better with Braniac.  I may have to dump this, but Maguire's art is really good and Kara can be a very likeable character.

  • ajburgoyne05
    ajburgoyne05 commented on the comic, Marauders #1
    Marauders #1
    Me, too! I love ships and Kitty Pryde is one of my favorite Marvel characters. Hopefully this will be a winner.
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