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  • affrosponge88
    affrosponge88 commented on the comic, Mister Miracle #5
    Mister Miracle #5

    What a stunning issue. The series as a whole has been fantastic, but this one really solidified the entire series as a classic for me. Now let’s hope it doesn’t go off the deep end. 

  • affrosponge88
    affrosponge88 commented on the comic, Detective Comics #968
    Detective Comics #968

    Playing catch-up before issue 1000, and this was such a great arc. I hope there’s more to come with this teased possible future. Averted or not, there are plenty of character drama to mine just from addressing the ramifications of choices made or not made by the characters.

  • affrosponge88
    affrosponge88 commented on the comic, Outer Darkness #4
    Outer Darkness #4

    This series needs to stop being so damn good. Every time an issue ends, I'm left wanting the next issue, not out of forced momentum, but out of despair that it somehow already feels like an essential series, despite their only having 4 issues published so far. Don't sleep on this.

  • affrosponge88
    As someone who is not current at all with anything X-Men (I've read a couple volumes of Blue and Gold, but that's about it), I was pleasantly surprised how effectively this much-heralded issue worked as an entry...
  • affrosponge88

    What's the best way to get into Green Lantern? Any recommendations for good starting points/classic stories? Assume I've read nothing. Cuz it's true.

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    • Ferraz

      Really should go further back to Dennis O'Neal stories.

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