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Outlawed #1
Outlawed #1 Review
March 26th, 2020

Outlawed #1 is basically an "Alpha" to the Outlawed event that will be heavily influencing the direction of Marvel's teenaged heroes over the next few months. It's an essential comic, but less for reading and more for the sake of entering what's been solicited into Marvel canon. 

Eve L. Ewing begins the story with what seems like testimonies before Congress from various heroes. Then the reader gets a flashback to the incident that inspired this intro, followed by a conclusion that presents the law banning teenage heroes without adult supervision (call it a spoiler if you'd like, but it's literally in the cover art, nevermind the solicitation). Unfortunately, Ewing doesn't go into the details of HOW heroes will be identified AS teenagers. Really, there are many questions introduced within this issue when looked at beyond the surface. It seems as though Ewing expects the reader to just accept this story at face value; that's fine if this is just meant to be fun entertainment, but it may restrict the event from having any deeper meaning.

Jacinto's art is interesting. It plays with perspective and proportions a lot. It works sometimes, like when trying to make a debate a little more exciting. However, there are other moments when it's kind of too ridiculous to appreciate, like a fight scene where Miles suddenly looks 4x larger than anyone else. Readers who care enough about interior art for it to ruin a comic might want to flip through first; it definitely has its audience, but it won't please everyone.

Outlawed #1 lives up to the promise of shaking up portions of the Marvel Universe. Even Ghost-Spider #8, released concurrently with this book, acknowledges its events. If you're following/looking forward to Champions, Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Power Pack, or New Warriors, then you'll probably want to familiarize yourself with this book. Otherwise, there's literally no reason to pick it up, as it's the introduction to an event that will take place within those pages and doesn't really do anything otherwise.

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  • Manktron

    It was referenced in Ghost Spider, so I read it.  Poor Kamala, I was mainly wanting to see how she turns into the face of CRADLE.  Not a bad story.

    Reply  ·  3 days ago
  • adfellne

    Yeah, it was fine. I'm curious if Ahmed will have to bear the burden of Kamala's new situation in Magnificent Ms. Marvel, or if he just has to play along with her development in Champions by Ewing. Either way, the body and conclusion of this event has to be good in order for this read to mean anything. I'm interested enough to go along for the ride, but my expectations are middling. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I'm also leaving room for disappointment. 

    Reply  ·  3 days ago