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  • adfellne
    Captain America #20 begins a new arc, "All Die Young." To anyone who fell off of Coates's run a bit ago, this isn't the worst place to jump back, but largely because It doesn't feel like a whole lot...
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    • Comic_Nation1776

      @gferg1991 and @masterofcomicssfu Yes, undoubtedly, yes. Captain America was used as a tool of propaganda during world war 2 and the 1950s during the red scare.  There is no argument there. Anyone who doesn't see that is truly blind, but here's the thing. Cap has evolved into so much more than that. Beginning since Stan and Jack started writing Cap, politics have been moving their way out of Cap's stories to progress into something else. It's often the world that is politically tense and Steve is a man who tries to find his way in its midst without any of that. The action, adventure, sci-fi, romance, horror and spy stories have all become Cap stories since. The stories that put him in activist positions are propaganda for one agenda or the other, which is something the character has evolved from.

      At least until recent runs when they have all made the mistake of making him a political preacher for literally one side. Good Cap stories like Ed Brubaker's, Mark Gruenwald's, and Roger Stern's runs show Cap can have a political side but that doesn't mean the entire story is nothing a blatant political commentary on America like this garbage fire of a second half of a run does. These runs can provide escapism for the readers and have a deeper meaning that could be interpreted. If Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, the JSA, and all the other heroes from the Golden Age can progress from propaganda, tools to sell war bonds, and socking ole Adolf on the jaw, then why can't Cap evolve too? To say that I'm a fool for "not understanding the character", when you can't see how much Cap has evolved makes me wonder if you truly understand how far this character has come. 

      And yes, Coates is a political writer. I know that. He's a big Leftist with strong Black Nationalist views. The man also said that he watched 9/11 happen from his rooftop and he felt nothing and also stated that the first responders to the event were "menaces". Coates also wrote in this very Cap series that all white men just want to go into schools and shoot them up. In a time of political division, isn't this time for us to have Captain America that unifies and inspires us all to become better than all of this? Rather than adding to the division.

      At the very least if you disagree with me on everything else, then maybe you'll agree that the art on this book has tremendously dropped in quality. 

  • adfellne
    I feel like I've witnessed the birth of a universe, which is exactly what Straczynski and the founders of AWA hoped to achieve with this book. Ignoring (or, rather, trying my best to ignore) the accidental topical coincidence...
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    • Imcubillo

      I didn’t know there was a companion series, which one is it? 

  • I'll start this review with what I like about Aaron's writing. Having read the major event that his Thor books lead up to, it's amazing seeing how many references Aaron makes to what eventually becomes the War...
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    • gferg1991

      To me Jason Aaron's Thor run is legendary because it delves deep into who Thor is. It is an absolute character study of him and what it means to be worthy that ends up being answered in the most simplest of ways. It is not over complicated or depressing like some of the other recent character studies at Marvel and DC like Vison or Mister Miracle but rather tells an ongoing story of self discovery both for Thor and Jane Foster and ultimately the reader. 

  • adfellne
    Daredevil: Yellow is as much of a love letter from Matt Murdock to Karen Page as it is from creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale to the character Daredevil. This 6-issue series roughly retells the first 6 issues of Daredevil...
    • gregroyj42

      Love the "color" books by Loeb and Sale.  This one was excellent my favorite was Spider-Man Blue but I l love all of them.

  • The Life of Captain Marvel takes Carol Danvers away from her superhuman friends for a bit to tell a more regular-human story. When internal frustration overwhelms Carol during a battle on Father's Day, she decides it's...
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