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  • Adamantiumcocoon
    Adamantiumcocoon commented on the comic, Joker: Killer Smile #3
    Joker: Killer Smile #3

    If someone were to ask me to recommend a Joker story, this might just be the one I'd go to first. It might not be "the best" (whatever that is) but I think it earned itself a bit of distinction. It's well crafted and really shows how corrupting an influence the Joker is.

  • Kevin Eastman's Totally Twisted Tales Vol. 1 TP

    For a new publisher, I'd say the build quality of the book is pretty good considering the price point.

    Reading these stories, it really made me think of the anime Dead Leaves. Gonzo, bizarre spectacle. 

  • Adamantiumcocoon
    Adamantiumcocoon commented on the comic, Hellboy Winter Special 2019
    Hellboy Winter Special 2019

    Excellent first story. The other two didn't do much for me.

  • Adamantiumcocoon
    Adamantiumcocoon commented on the comic, Action Comics #1020
    Action Comics #1020

    I like JRJR's art, so that's a plus ( though it wasn't his best work on display here). However, this story really felt like it was treading water. Unless there was some secret twist I missed, I think you could go right from last issue to next issue and fully skip this one and be just fine.

  • Adamantiumcocoon
    Adamantiumcocoon commented on the comic, Legion of Super-Heroes #2
    Legion of Super-Heroes #2

    Two issues in and I had almost decided this book wasn't for me. But that last page has me curious enough to see what's going to happen. I have no idea why I want to see Damian in the 31st century, but I guess they got at least one more issue out of me.

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    • Adamantiumcocoon

      I lasted two more issues. After issue 4 I have decided that it just isn't for me. I can't say it's not a fine book, but it isn't something I want to read with my limited time and budget.

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