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  • 10609920
    10609920 reviewed Raven #1
    As I have been putting off reading this series now for quite some time, I mean after all...it is Raven how good can it be right?  Well, yeah....it is a GREAT read - I burned through the first 4 issues in an hour.  I...
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    • PKcomic411
      I don't know why the trade is split out in LoCG. And not within the series here... But anyone catch all the BART references? It's Bay Area Rapid Transit. Is Marv from NorCal or something? Ennui... Added to my vocabulary. Thank you. The Raven facts, by Raven. Learned a lot. Good plot device there. The trade made the pacing ok, and having her identity revealed was cool to witness from her Christian family (wait, in NorCal?) Ha ha? But if I had to wait a month for each issue? I may have dropped it. White ball of carnivals.. may have gotten frustrating in the waiting
  • 10609920
    10609920 reviewed Hulk #1
    While I'll admit I'm not that well versed in She-Hulk.  I found that with this book I was able to jump in, although it felt like the story was half way through - I'm guessing that all will be revealed in...
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    • mrmistermarty
      Wow another #1 issue from Marvel.  Don't see these too often.
  • Remogunz
    Remogunz » 10609920

    I'm jealous of your collection

  • 10609920
    10609920 » 10609920

    Spent the better part of the last 3 evenings sorting, organizing and cataloging the series that I am currently reading...I had to build a new shelf system just to hold them....79 titles...its an illness i swear

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    • Jeffbrandie

      Correction it is a madness. Welcome to the loony bin with the rest of us crazies!

  • 10609920
    10609920 » 10609920

    3 whole days of reading to catch myself up on the rebirth happenings...and I call myself a comic store owner...someone slap me.


    I'll be reviewing the books when I return!

    • Jeffbrandie

      I wish I could call myself that....

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