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Summer Mobile Update: My Comic Details, Improved Sorting & More
Comic Geeks 2.1.0 is now available for iOS and Android

Comic Geeks Mobile Update 2.0

A new Comic Geeks mobile app update has hit the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store (Android). Here's what you can expect once you've downloaded the update:


NEW: My Comic Details

You can now add your own details to comics in both the iOS and Android apps. After you've added a comic to your collection, a new My Details tab will be visible at the bottom of the issue's page. By tapping it, you will see the My Details screen. From there, you can set purchased date, quantity, media format, price paid, condition, and notes. Additionally, you can add/remove it from your collection and read list here.

Future updates will bring additional fields and settings to give you even more flexibility in how you manage your comic lists. This includes the Tags you're able to enter via the web app, giving you the ability to create subfolders of sorts to emulate your longbox organization.


Performance & Stability Improvements

Great performance and stability across thousands of mobile devices, operating systems and their respective software versions takes a significant amount of work and testing. With the 2.1.0 update, the Comic Geeks should be in a much better place. Many of the features within the app have been reworked and cleaned-up to run more smoothly. Theoretically, you should see fewer crashes, freezes, etc. With that said, chime in below if you're still encountering issues and they will be addressed quickly.


Your Feedback is Needed

With that said - I'd like to hear from you. Are these changes improving your experience? And what would you like to see next? Share your feedback below.


Comic Geeks on iTunes iOS Comic Geeks on Google Play for Android

Posted on August 28, 2017, 8:01 pm