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The Road Ahead for the Comic Geeks 2.0 Mobile Companion App
Get a sneak peek at the new features in the latest Comic Geeks mobile companion app and what you can expect in the future.

Comic Geeks Mobile Update 2.0

For over 6 years, League of Comic Geeks has served the comic book community by making it easier to keep track of all the latest releases, for free. Today marks a big shift in the way we support the community. Our new mobile companion app will bring new and long-time readers together to share and discuss their favorite titles with modern social networking tools. This update is now available on Android and iOS.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect in the Comic Geeks mobile companion app:


The Comic Geeks Community

Your profiles are here! Many of the community features have made their way to the mobile companion app. Just as you're able to on the web-based app, you can check out community member profiles. From there, follow your friends and those that you're interested in hearing more from.

With the Community & Following Feeds, keep up-to-date with all of their latest discussions, reviews, posts, and more. And of course, get in-app notifications when someone has responded to a comment or post of yours.

Then with the new Dashboard, see the Community Pick of the Week (mobile voting is coming soon), your pulls this week, featured comics, and trending discussions.


Revamped Comic Lists

Go beyond your collection and check out the full extent of any series with new, beautiful series pages. See which issues you're missing and subscribe to add upcoming issues to your pull list. Then, from the individual issue pages - see what the rest of the community thinks with aggregated ratings, discussions, and activity. 

This is just the beginning for lists in the new Comic Geeks 2.0 mobile companion app. You'll find a lot of little touches like the ability to quickly and easily narrow any listed based on formats, search keywords, and more. You'll find it's never been easier to browse our massive library with over 150,000 comics.


Other Improvements

While the revamped comic lists and community features are the big highlights with this latest update, you'll be pleased to hear there have been a number of improvements across the board.

One such improvement ensures your comics are synced between your mobile companion app and the web-based app here. And while syncing will continue to be refined in the future, you now have the ability to completely reset data and restore all of your comics if any problems should arise.

The Barcode Scanner has been updated to include a setting so you can turn on or off the ability for scanned comics to be immediately added to your collection. This way you can review them or add them to a different list.


Coming Soon

With tons of community features, expect to see new faces in the feeds and discussions. The League of Comic Geeks is filled with passionate comic book readers - some you may not always agree with or the type of content they share. Don't worry - we totally understand those that want privacy and the ability to block others. Private profiles and posts are coming.

You'll also see a bevy of new updates to improve the way you engage with the community, such as a like button and image sharing.

Last, but not least... we know you want your comic details migrated to the mobile companion app! Soon, you'll be able to add and update your purchase date, quantity, grading, notes, tags, and more just as you do on LeagueofComicGeeks.com.

With this new update, we have laid the foundation for things to come. Expect more frequent, smaller updates in the coming months and years. In the meantime, check out the latest update and let us know what you think and how we can improve. If you have a chance, rate us in the app store.


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Posted on May 15, 2017, 9:21 am