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  • EricDraven
    EricDraven commented on the comic, Civil War TP
    Civil War TP

    I know that most of the comments here are really old, but I want to say that I've read the volume and I love Civil War, it's become one of my favorite comics. I want to ask to anyone who's more experienced, I need to read the tie-ins? I've seen that there are a lot of them. I miss something important if I don't read them? 

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    • smarsh1

      Triple post. :( Sorry!

  • Rjepic1

    One character who currently doesn't have a title but should is:

    My answer is: Swamp Thing for DC. Moon Knight for Marvel.

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    • T_B
      a Namor book from marvel, one preferably written by Jason Aaron.
  • keithmod

    Hello to all comic geeks! After a 31 year hiatus from collecting, I am having a blast. I love this site. It makes this all tons funner. Thank god for leagueofcomicgeeks.com 

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    • T_B

      welcome aboard man!

  • Taren

    Dracula, Netflix, watch it. 

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    • PKcomic411
      Wasn't there supposed to be Nosferatu on AMC? Zachary Q. Spock?
  • DCeased #6 Card Stock Horror Variant Edition
    I think this and The Witching Hour were my favorite DC events from 2019.
    • Taren


  • keithmod
    I liked it. been wanting to buy this comic series for awhile now. finally got issue #1 and i really enjoyed it. great artwork too. super cool to finally know how the two met. twas a pleasant suprise to find out the first...
  • Britishlass929
    Britishlass929 commented on the comic, DCeased #5 Card Stock Horror Variant Edition
    DCeased #5 Card Stock Horror Variant Edition
    I am not a big Supes person, but that was so well written I teared up. Brilliant miniseries with many brilliant small touches.
  • Kog2025

    Hey guys. Do you prefer to get weekly pulls of everything that catches your attention or save a bit of money per issue and just get a trade paperback?

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    • T_B

      a have a pretty big collection of trades and hardcovers that i collected for a few years when i stopped buying floppies but right now its strictly floppies. I only pick up trades when i find them for super cheap

  • keithmod
    Just bought and read. I liked it and am eager to go buy #2 asap. Super rad artwork as well. 
  • MaxLake32
    MaxLake32 commented on the comic, The Green Lantern Season Two #1
    The Green Lantern Season Two #1

    This title has been reduced to 8 issues from 12. I know some people love Grant Morrison on this book, and that's okay... but for me; thank god!

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    • undeadquinn
      I read the first vol. of Grant Morrison run i enjoyed a lot it reminded me 70's space opera this reads great in trade format. 
  • keithmod

    anyone have any US 1 marvel vol. 1 comics? i know silly comic but funny. i have issues 3 and 12 and would like to add them to my collection. also dc comics presents superman and hawkman vol. 1 issue #11 from 1979. THANKS! for the help. cheers

  • Manktron
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Manktron
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • PTCBeerGuy
    PTCBeerGuy commented on the comic, Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5
    Pretty Deadly: The Rat #5

    I just read the first two volumes and this run of The Rat, and I must say Pretty Deadly is doing some remarkable work.  From a story-telling perspective and an art perspective, this book is top-notch, and probably eased its way into my all time top 5.

    • MannequinRaces

      I thought the first volume was great. Sad that I missed out on this 2nd arc. I knew it was coming out but my pull list is pretty full. 

  • hellfire74

    I have been looking for some new ongoing series to start and I can't trust myself. If anyone has anything they like or enjoy and could comment I would be very thankful.

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    • Ferraz

      I suggest going to previewsworld.com and checking what is coming out and deciding for yourself. Plenty of new stories there to get before you miss out.

  • Manktron
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Iboopyourn0se

    Anybody got mangas to recommend? 

    • Taren

      Area 88, Gray, Lone Wolf and Cub, Akira, Appleseed, nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Fist of the north star. 

  • PKcomic411
    PKcomic411 commented on the comic, X-Force #4
    X-Force #4
    The computer screen translated is "classified do not... (spoiler)"
  • Manktron
    A great book to read, I haven't read much on Spiral so this is a good read.  I like how it started out with a bang, and Bishop is showing up for the next issue.
  • TecnoPope

    Whats your criteria for trade waiting vs. pulling single issues ? Covers are a big one for me.