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  • JoeLovesComics

    What are people's favourite indie titles? Recently put my pull list through a bit of an indie revolution, diversified it so it's not just the big two. It got me interested to see what other people's favourites are, current or past. 

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    • B_joshm27

      Backtrack, and Adler

  • Is it really bad if I say I enjoyed "Dark Knight Strikes Again" way more than "Dark Knight Returns"?
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    • KingKrypton

      But it continues even further with Golden Child by Miller/Grampa

  • gregroyj42

    Time for the weekly pull!!  This week has the chance to be massive for me.  I am most excited for Three Jokers #2.  The questions reprensent books not on the pull I would like to pickup.

    Ascender #13

    Batman The Joker War Zone #1 ???

    Batman Three Jokers #2

    Dark Knights Death Metal multiverses end #1 ???

    Department of Truth #1 ???

    The Prisoner #1 ???

    The Resistance #6

    Sea of Stars #7

    Shang- Chi #1 ???

    Strange Acadamey #3

    Wonder Woman #763 variant

    What are you picking up and what are you most excited for?

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    • B_joshm27

      Batman / Superman Annual #1

      Dark Nights: Death Metal - Multiverse's End #1

      John Constantine: Hellblazer #10

      Justice League Annual #2

      Legion of Super-Heroes #9

      Adler #4

      The Boys: Dear Becky #5

      The Resistance #6

      X-Ray Robot #2

      Strange Academy #3

      Angela Della Morte #1

  • maxhell
    maxhell commented on the comic, Fantastic Four #24
    Fantastic Four #24

    can he come out of the damn closet already

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    • JoeLovesComics

      Huh yeah, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if it happened but I don't think it will unfortunately.

  • KingKrypton

    One more Top 3 cubed!

    In honor of Detective Comics #1027, name your favorite 27 Batman characters other than Bruce Wayne. They can be sidekicks, villains, cops, employees etc. They can be clowns with 4000 appearances in Batman comics or those who made just an issue of two. It's your favorite Batman Family members.

    They can be in any order and I kept out any JLA members or villains mainly associated with others like Lex Luthor. You can also use characters from cartoons, tv shows, movies, whatever you've seen.

    Bruce Wayne

    1. Dick Grayson

    2. The Joker

    3. Commissioner James Gordon

    4. Alfred Pennyworth

    5. Barbara Gordon

    6. Tim Drake

    7. Leslie Thompkins

    8. Lucius Fox

    9. Helena Wayne (Huntress II)

    10. Silver St. Cloud

    11. The Penguin

    12. Catwoman

    13. The Riddler

    14. Two Face

    15. Bat-Mite

    16. Bane

    17. Ra's al Ghul

    18. Talia al Ghul

    19. Damian Wayne

    20. Hugo Strange

    21. Mr. Freeze

    22. Renee Montoya

    23. Harvey Bullock

    24. Crispus Allen

    25. Owlman

    26. Signalman

    27. Egghead

    I imagine there will be about a dozen "usual suspects" but from there it should be interesting to see how far afield we get.

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    • Taren

      Dick Grayson

      Jason Todd

      The Joker

      Commissioner James Gordon

      Alfred Pennyworth

      Barbara Gordon

      Ra's al Ghul


      Tim Drake

      Damian Wayne


      Lucius Fox

      The Penguin



      The Riddler

      Two Face

      Poison Ivy


      Talia al Ghul

      Mr. Freeze

      The condiment King (probably worth a Google.)

  • wolfking

    Would I enjoy the King in Black event if I know very little about symbiotes or the Marvel universe as a whole? The story sounds cool, I'm going to be so lost. Should I even bother? Or where should I start to get familiar with that universe?

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    • FastedCoyote

      Absolute Carnage is the most essential series you need to be familiarized with in order to understand the King in Black event. It will give you the gist of who the villain is, why he represents a menace and why he's making an appearance right now. If you want more, Donny Cates' Venom explores in depth the whole issue from Eddie Brock's viewpoint. Comic Book Herald also recommends Thor: God of Thunder, Silver Surfer: Black and Donny Cates' Thor.

  • gferg1991

    Just to be clear there is no way to make lists not show up in the community feed? I'm going to be making quite a lot of lists of the next few days and I don't want to over crowd the feed. But if there is no way to do that I want to sincerely apologize ahead of time for an influx of lists. Just a project I am working on for my collection. 

    • FastedCoyote

      You can save them as drafts and then publish each one of them at a slow pace (e.g. one per day). If you don't want to share them publicly, just keep them as drafts.

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, X-Men #12
    X-Men #12

    We're entering Scott Snyder territory. You're losing me Hickman. I had to read it three times to get it all

    • PKcomic411
      I hear ya. I've been thinking about rereading his avengers run cuz I don't remember it being like this
  • ssafran
    ssafran commented on the comic, Legion of Super-Heroes #9
    Legion of Super-Heroes #9

    I just bought the 5YL Omnibus and am enjoying re-reading it FAR more than the new series.  I'm just praying Bendis leaves after this 12 issue run and we get someone who really knows and loves the Legion on the book.  Maybe the Bierbaums are available?

  • TecnoPope
    TecnoPope commented on the comic, Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #4
    Batman / The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #4

    Is this ever actually coming out ?

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    • TecnoPope

      Yeah I saw. So they made a book of the first three issues ? Interesting choice. I guess Kieth's artwork calls for it.

  • Rift
    Rift commented on the comic, The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #3
    The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #3
    Strong. But not as strong as the first two though...
  • Rift
    Rift commented on the comic, X of Swords: Creation #1
    X of Swords: Creation #1
    Pepe Laraz is a beast. Great issue.
  • KingKrypton

    More Lists!

    In honor of the giant sized Detective Comics #1027, list your 27 favorite Batman creators from the comics. They can be in no particular order. Again it is your favorites, those from the comics that have made you a Batman fan.

    mine will generally be in chronological order

    Bill Finger

    Jerry Robinson

    Dick Sprang

    Denny O'Neil

    Neal Adams

    Dick Giordano

    Steve Englehart

    Marshall Rogers

    David V Reed

    Jim Aparo

    Frank Miller

    David Mazzucchelli

    Alan Grant

    Norm Breyfogle

    Mike W Barr

    Chuck Dixon

    Graham Nolan

    Bruce Timm

    Paul Dini

    Mike Parobeck

    Kelley Puckett

    Ty Templeton

    Greg Rucka

    Ed Brubaker

    Michael Lark

    Jeph Loeb

    Grant Morrison

    Yes I pretty much left out the last ten years, but I figured the rest of you would show some love for the last decade. I also think my list will have more writers than most.

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    • gregroyj42

      Dennis O'Neil

      Jim Starlin

      Chuck Dixon

      Frank Miller

      Jeph Loeb

      Scott Snyder

      Tim Sale

      Greg Capullo

      Jim Lee


      Greg Rucka

      James Tynion

      Sean Murphy

      Judd Winick

      Paul Dini

      Dustin Nguyen

      Alan Grant

      Tony Daniel

      Doug Mahnke

      Geoff Johns

      Gary Frank

      Jim Aparo

      Klaus Janson

      Ed Brubaker

      Rafael Albuquerque

      Michael Lark

      Neal Adams

  • ObsessedNerd
    ObsessedNerd commented on the comic, JLA #53
    JLA #53

    Wow. Picked up a bunch of these issues from a charity shop a while back. Just getting around to reading them. What was mark Waid smoking when he wrote this stuff? Its pretty good but some of this is really out there.

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    • ObsessedNerd

      No not the weirdest thing i ever read by a long way. But unexpectedly for a Mark Waid comic with the Justice League.

  • ObsessedNerd

    Game of top 3's anyone? List your 3 favourites in each category. That's your favourites not who you think is best (If there's a difference). Its all subjective and no judgements made. Its a given that your favourites aren't written in stone and can change with the wind or as soon as you remember someone else..


    • Terry Moore
    • John Byrne
    • Roy Thomas


    • Terry Moore
    • John Byrne
    • Amanda Conner


    • Invisibles
    • Y: The Last man
    • Strangers In Paradise


    • Hawkman
    • Green Arrow
    • Katchoo Choovanski

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    • emulegs


      • Jeff Lemire
      • Grant Morrison
      • Chip Zdarsky


      • Stan Sakai
      • Frank Quitely
      • Mike Mignola
      • (Special shout outs for Terry Moore and Dustin Nguyen)


      • All Star Superman
      • Essex County
      • Warlock (1972)
      • (Special shout outs to New X-Men, Black Hammer, Silver Surfer (1987), and The New Frontier)


      • Miyamoto Usagi
      • Jimmy Lebeuf (Essex County)
      • Silver Surfer

      MAN I had to really restrain myself for this one

  • Taren

    Really loving the DC content on HBO Max.

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    • realmrider

      In the famous words of Kite-Man, "Hell yeah!"

      I love Doom Patrol, as well as the Harley Quinn series, and I've been rewatching the animated films leading up to/before I watch JLD: Apokolips War.

      I love all of the shows DC is putting out right now because they've really gotten me into some of the older comic series like Alan Moore's Swamp Thing and Morrison's Doom Patrol.

  • D3c4d3
    D3c4d3 commented on the comic, Teen Titans #45
    Teen Titans #45

    Jajajajajajajaja... No really, no, fuck this, to hell with all,  don't buy this shit! They just destroy all damian's character development so the rest of these fools can pretend to be heroes, fuck all of them, listen DC , the way you're portraying damian is extremely racist. NOBODY WANT ANOTHER FUCKIN RESET, put that shit inside your head, we are tired of this, somebody has to say.

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    • KingKrypton

      Damian's story will continue in Detective Comics. We'll see what Tomasi has in store for him.

  • keithmod
    keithmod commented on the comic, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #8
    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #8

    I have a variant of this issue I've never seen before. It's obviously a retailer deal. In a box on the lower left hand side it says not for sale. Has to be a rare one. When I say I've seen one that means something cuz I barrel through bins all over the states. Same cover it just has that box. Anyone else have it?

  • Bluffernaut_09
    Bluffernaut_09 commented on the comic, Batman / Superman #12
    Batman / Superman #12
    Its refreshing to see other characters that will stick for a while and not be used just for a one issue appearance and not come back. 
    • KingKrypton

      I love the pairing of Steel and Batwoman to solve the case.