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  • Rjepic1
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • KatairaM
    I absolutely love Far Sector, however, I wish they would give us the full back story for Jo already and stop with the flashback teasers. I’m also interested to know referendum will go and if all hell will break loose.
    • PKcomic411
      Yeah, I noticed she isn't listed in the GL anniversary full page ad. What gives?
  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Canopus #3
    Canopus #3

    It's time to stop sleeping on this book people.  Every issue has been great so far.  It is a little out there but the emotional moments are hitting full force and the best comparison I can give is to Jeff Lemire's Trillium.

    • PKcomic411
      Link just says "undefined"
  • fizzmatix

    I've slowly been working on ordering and cleaning up my boxes for single issues. After spending time making separators I thought I'd see how others tore and order their collections.

    I used a plotter to cut the tabs and they're glued to the top of extra boards I've had laying around for ages. Each tab separates a series, tough there are a few one shots mixed in with odd issues here too.

    So far I've not decided if I should put labels on each tab or not yet, or if i should put an ordering sheet and numbers for the tabs.

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    • PKcomic411
      Oh. I also have the BCW black bins in the bottom row 5 across, 2 deep. And then I have cardboard HOUSES on top. THEN, the plastic long boxes go inside. They whose REALLY really well in and out. Then on top of those, I have short box houses with the BCW plastic boxes inside them. Again, because they slide in and out like drawers. (I have another 6 short boxes for current runs by publisher that I had made into my kitchen hutch with platforms that are in rollers. So they slide in and out and I access from the top after opening the cupboard doors). But the houses and plastic boxes are what I really wanted to share with others here.
  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw TP
    Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw TP

    This book continues to be great imo.  I know Lobdell is controversial and this is the only book I have ever liked from him.  The new 52 run was ok with a few great issues and a lot of stuff that was terrible but since rebirth it has been great.

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    • gregroyj42

      I agree the art and story went down when Artemis and Bizarro left that is why this volume really worked for me also gave a great take on Jason being the "grown-up" and gave us back the original group.

  • thayne
    thayne commented on the comic, Captain Marvel #21
    Captain Marvel #21

    i'm getting real tired of this character being in a series and then dropped. if you can't keep it going why do you bother? the only lasting female character in marvel's line up has reed richards powers. and none of them at marvel have the decency to keep the issues current. i'm tired of their titles starting over at #1.

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    • Pbruce71
      I am not a fan of the constant relaunching of series. I know some people look at it as a jumping on point, but I look at it as the exact opposite. If I'm buying a series and I know it is ending I probably won't buy again if it relaunches just for a sake of a new number one.
  • Jamie_17
    Jamie_17 commented on the comic, Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee Vol. 1: Prelude TP
    Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee Vol. 1: Prelude TP
    Is this any good thinking of picking it up on Wednesday?
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    • Pbruce71
      It was a good read, I am curious as to where it will go.
  • Hedgehog
    I was originally on the fence about getting this, but I'm glad I did. This just works perfectly, the way that The Flash and the Suicide Squad get involved feels very natrual and not forced at all. I guess this is the...
    • ObsessedNerd

      I'm in two minds about this book. I don't like Barry Allen so I don't tend to buy anything Flash related. But really enjoying the current Suicide Squad series that this crosses over with. Damn DC.

  • Hedgehog
    This was an interesting issue that answered a couple of questions finally that had been lingering around since #1, although from the sounds of it there's more to come next issue. This issue really felt like not just...
    • ObsessedNerd
      The last couple of issues of this series have been awful so this one was a real turnaround. Stick around for at least one more issue.
  • MannequinRaces

    How often do you guys / gals reread things in your collection. I feel like I’m letting my collection down because for a lot of books it’s one and done. Any thoughts? Any comics or GNs that you reread annually, etc.? 

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    • mbach
      I reread graphic novels all the time. I reread my Usagi Yojimbo, Hellboy, She-hulk annually. I flip through my Marvel Essentials when i am on boring conference calls. Working from home has only increased this habit. Being stuck at home over the last couple months I dragged my Impulse and Green Lantern floppy collection out and reread those. Superior Foes is next.
  • Ferraz
    Ferraz commented on the comic, Venom #25
    Venom #25
    At this point I'm sick of Carnage. Hope another story thread is pulled after this blah story.
    • Hedgehog

      The stuff next issue with this new character seems interesting, so we'll see what happens with that I guess

  • Bluffernaut_09
    Bluffernaut_09 commented on the comic, The Green Lantern Season Two #4
    The Green Lantern Season Two #4

    This issue is...... confusing. Nevertheless, the art is superb. The cliffhanger was the only thing that made sense to me. 

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    • Hedgehog

      Yeah, this issue was so surreal so maybe the best example of that

  • Ferraz
    Ferraz commented on the comic, Web of Venom: The Good Son #1
    Web of Venom: The Good Son #1
    Sleeper story was good.
  • Hedgehog
    This was another great fun issue of this run. Tom Taylor continues to do an amazing job of writing and developing a fresh new exciting and intriguing story with these new characters. Just like the Squad's interactions with...
  • Bluffernaut_09
    Bluffernaut_09 commented on the comic, Nightwing Annual #3
    Nightwing Annual #3

    Was it really necessary to have her slap his bum like that? Reverse the roles and answer that same question. The double standard is strong in this issue. 

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    • Hedgehog

      Yeah maybe, that's what I considered but don't know

  • Exodonian
    Exodonian created a new list, Recommendations
  • Hedgehog
    Even if he's not truly back to Nightwing yet, it was still really refreshing to have a story with him in the proper suit, despite the fact it was just set in the past really. In general this was a solid story with some...
  • Samaron
    Samaron commented on the comic, Ultraman VOL. 13
    Ultraman VOL. 13

    ugh! have to wait 12-18 months for next english volume. we live in era where silmuldub (animes can be dubbed in english and uploaded either next day or next week.) or simultranslated which shounen jump does for their weekly/monthly chapters. wish this has same treatment. 

  • Samaron
    Samaron commented on the comic, The Rise Of Ultraman #1
    The Rise Of Ultraman #1

    from summary its retelling? so theres original series timeline, the manga timeline (theres an anime of it on netflix too thats mostly follows manga, story is alternate route in history where ultraman powers pass down to the hosts child who is now ultraman and introduce that timeline version of seven, ace and other classic ultramans) and now this?

  • SuperFanboyMan
    SuperFanboyMan created a new list, Favorite Punisher Comics

    The Punisher is one of the most controversial comic book characters ever made. He's also the most badass Marvel character I have ever seen. Here's my favorite stories of the one and only Frank Castle.