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  • sensationalshegeek
    sensationalshegeek commented on the comic, Captain Marvel #19
    Captain Marvel #19

    Continuity on the Empyre event is garbage. Loving the sister bit, too bad she'll likely die or get pushed off. 

  • EleaticVisitor
    EleaticVisitor commented on the comic, Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists #1
    Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists #1

    Did anyone get this? My LCS is saying it didn't ship but that estimated arrival date is still August 5.

    • playcomics

      Eric was telling me the 19th is the new date. 

  • Boyling
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Dark Nights: Death Metal #3
    Dark Nights: Death Metal #3

    This is crazy fun!!  The story is ok, the characters are great all these weird versions of our beloved characters are fun to see and the art is spectacular.  I feel the art is a little brighter than Metal and that really makes tge art pop.

  • DJT
    DJT commented on the comic, Marauders #11
    Marauders #11

    SHE'S ALIVE!!! :D

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    • ein

      Oh, that’s awesome, and totally on-brand, and I love it.

  • DrunkWooky
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Manktron

    Best read of 2020 so far?

    I'm between Venom n Daredevil

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    • MannequinRaces

      Ice Cream Man for me. I'm blown away each time an issue comes out is seems like. 

  • MadaoBlooms
    I like Kaiju and Tokusatsu stuff. Giant monsters fighting giant people and robots will always be cool to me. I guess I just never grew up, so of course, Big Girls #1 excited me. The promise of giant girls fighting giant,...
  • Trompwned53
    Trompwned53 commented on the comic, Sonic the Hedgehog #30
    Sonic the Hedgehog #30
    The release date for this is wrong, its next week
  • Lancashirearab
    Lancashirearab commented on the comic, Manifest Destiny #42
    Manifest Destiny #42

    Is this going to be the final issue? Does anyone know if it will continue?

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Seven Secrets #1
    Seven Secrets #1

    This was great!! Already hooked on the story and the art is very good.  Looks like Tom Taylor has another hit on his hands.  This feltsomewhat similar to Fire Power but I thought this was even better than that.

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  • smarsh1

    To whom can I report a book/series with the wrong title? I don't have enough contribution points to fix it myself.

    • PKcomic411
      In a browser, look for "submit corrections"
  • LemonadeMan
    LemonadeMan commented on the comic, Justice League Odyssey #23
    Justice League Odyssey #23

    Ive loved this series. I hope they make an omni of it so I can reread all 25 issues in one go after it ends.

  • zennlavian
    zennlavian commented on the comic, Empyre #5
    Empyre #5

    It's been slow, but this event has won me over. I was not engaged in #1, kind of shrugged off #2, #3 and #4 started to tilt, and now I'm in. No specific moment, nothing tangible, it's just got its hooks into me.

    Also, come on, the clear takeaway from this event is that Al Ewing needs to write Fantastic Four.

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    • Jeffbrandie

      I'll agree with you.  Of those events listed all but Secret Empire were unnecessary, pointless, and a waste. Especially CWII and WotR.

  • ein
    ein commented on the comic, Seven Secrets #1
    Seven Secrets #1

    Went to pick up my regular (reading) copy of this and it was the polybagged secret variant... I’m the only one who ordered this at my store (not a lot of independent comics buyers here) so I couldn’t even nab a different copy, but uh, do I crack this thing? Or just read the one-per-store copy I got last week? 

    What do you all do with polybagged comics? Save or open?

  • gregroyj42
    gregroyj42 commented on the comic, Seven Secrets #1
    Seven Secrets #1

    Couldn't pass on the Inhyuk Lee variant

  • PKcomic411
    PKcomic411 commented on the comic, Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2 HC
    Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2 HC
    I'm not seeing this at my store.... Anyone see it at their store?? Could be a Lunar vs Diamond thing
  • ObsessedNerd

    Cant wait until I don't have to rely on mail order to get new release comics each week. Here we are and its new comic book day and i'm still waiting for the majority of last weeks pull list to arrive by snail mail.

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    • ObsessedNerd

      Its not so much things missing. Although there have been a few i've lost track of. But what is in was confirmed last Wednesday and order confirmed as processed and shipped. But still hasn't arrived. I think a lot of these stores have struggled to service the extra demand with online orders and our postal system is just so overworked as well. I'm out of town from tomorrow for a week so if they dont land today i'm looking at the end of next week for them. The LCS here has recently reopened but as online you have to order stuff in advance i need to wait until those orders run out before i can start buying them locally.

  • Hedgehog
    Hedgehog reviewed Batman #95
    This deserves all the hype, and was easily worth all the build up. First of all, it has to be said, Jimenez art is absolutely unbelievable. Having seen him do great work on Snyder's JL, I was excited to see he was doing...