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  • Never buy on namesake (or by cover). so so so horrible. I never since bought a George RR Martin comic since.
  • Jsalz21
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Dan671
    Warren Ellis at it again before the TV show hit, "The Walking Dead." This wasn't a spectacular book and the paced seemed a little rush for me. I guess it's probably that the whole story/mini-series was...
  • Dan671
    So I was quite skeptical on this pickup, because of the stigma when one sees the German Iron Cross. But that didn't stop me, becuase I enjoy reading controversial topics and I like seeing the views of both sides. The...
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    • Forthekids15

      I think the most recent Previews showed a new box set of trades being released in April. I'm tempted....

  • Norseman
    So glad I found this series. This is basically a group of 4-5 issues short stories in the "Crossed" universe.  The "Crossed" universe has several similarities with "The Walking Dead" but...
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    • dogbed

      I would like to go back and try and collect this series. My fear is I would get hit buy a bus. After my untimely death my loved ones would go though my collection and be horrified I would be into something like this.

      That said, great series.

  • xDIABOx
    Read #1 -> #6 - whole series Massive 5 Stars!! This, my friends, is a voyage. A voyage of three dog friends around a world where humanity collapsed. And what a voyage it is!! This series has everything... it'll make...
  • SwiftMann
    This was very standard-fare Ellis - mixing sci-fi and space travel (well, the idea of space travel, none actually happens here) with a sort of Old West flare. And it would have probably been good instead of standard with...
  • Scott71
    Moore keeps amazing us with some of the best writing, comic or otherwise.
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    • CaptainNervous

      I've enjoyed this series for the most part. To me it's really a horror series. I've felt genuinely scared reading it at times. Some of the disturbing and strange people and situations encountered have been really fascinating. The artwork seems very authentic. I live in Massachusetts and I've visited many of the places that are portrayed so that's been interesting for me to see. Especially interesting to see was Manchester, New Hampshire. When that issue came out I had actually visited there recently and crossed the same bridge. It seemed like the artist really did his homework there. This most recent issue is my least favorite though. I really felt lost. I hope there is some explanation and resolution in the final 12th issue.

  • Scott71
    I've been a H.P. Lovecraft fan for years. I've also been an Alan Moore fan for years. That being said, my expectations were very high going into this comic. I was a little unsure about this title with the first issue,...
    • Taren

      I am a huge Alan Moore fan...Who is not... I have issue 1-8 but need to catch up.  Then I will read them all in just a few sittings.  Looking forward to it!

  • Forthekids15
    I'm not really great at reviews, but I felt this deserved more than just a comment.  This is an anthology that contains five different stories. The whole book is black and white. Something that's grown on me...