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Comic Releases for July 22, 2020

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  • MAR200500  
    Batman #95
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    THE JOKER WAR, PART ONE It was always going to come to this.  The Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight Detective go head-to-head for the last time.  The Joker has never wanted to win before, he’s never... View »

  • APR200527  
    Detective Comics #1024
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The story of Two-Face reaches its end, and Harvey Dent will at last find peace after decades of schism.  But will that peace be in death, or in the chance at a new life? All along, The Joker has been the puppet master... View »

  • APR200571  
    The Flash #758
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Central City is reeling from the recent attack, and Barry Allen lies broken and helpless!  To uncover his foes’ next target, the Flash must solve a mystery from his past…but before he can, he’s attacked... View »

  • MAR200515  
    Action Comics #1023
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Just days after Clark Kent’s own shocking revelation, the facts behind who actually owns The Daily Planet have been revealed—and all hell has broken loose! The fallout from the Superman: Villains special starts... View »

  • MAR201052  
    Daredevil #21
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    TRUTH/DARE, PART 1 BACK IN RED! THE BATTLE MAY BE OVER, but the WAR is far from finished! After the shocking events of DAREDEVIL #20, CHIP ZDARSKY reunites with MARCO CHECCHETTO to begin the next chapter of their definitive... View »

  • MAR200519  
    Batgirl #47
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "JOKER WAR" TIE-IN! Knock knock!  Who’s there?  The Joker.  The Joker who?  The Joker who’s here to have a nice chat with Barbara Gordon! View »

  • MAR200909  
    New Mutants #11
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Helping young mutants in crisis ain’t all sunshine and rainbows—and recently, it’s been downright nightmarish. But maybe the NEW MUTANTS’ luck is changing… View »

  • APR200584  
    Justice League Dark #24
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    At last, Justice League Dark’s mission reaches the moment fans have been waiting for: their descent into the Other Place, as a reborn Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna sharpen their swords and spells to battle... View »

  • FEB200881  
    Wolverine #3
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    WOLVERINE DIGS IN! The Flower Cartel and the Pale Girl seem to be one step ahead of Wolverine, but he has a plan. It’s a risky gamble that will take him into the heart of a larger criminal conspiracy even as it puts... View »

  • APR200271  
    Monstress #29
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    On the battlefield, Maika confronts the ghosts of Constantine and Kippa tries to make amends. View »

  • FEB200877  
    X-Men / Fantastic Four #4
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The exciting finale! On an island of doom, the X-Men and Fantastic Four fight to save the future! Lines will be drawn in the sand and enemies will be made, upending the Marvel Universe! View »

  • MAR200564  
    Shazam! #13
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Revealing his devious plans, Mr. Mind attacks Billy Batson and the entire Shazam family! Pushed to the limit by a fierce battle against both Black Adam and the Monster Society, can Shazam turn the tide and save himself and... View »

  • APR200254  
    DIE #12
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "THE GREAT GAME," Part Two-Designer Sid Meier described games as a series of interesting decisions. "May you live in interesting times" is a curse. Both things are true, and both are true here. View »

  • APR200559  
    Batman Beyond #45
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Batman Beyond and Damian Wayne are going to have to join forces in order to stop Mr. Zero and his radical faction from turning Gotham City into an ice-covered hellscape. Damian will have to put his disrespect for the “pretender”... View »

  • FEB200079  
    Low #23
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    NEW STORY ARC LIGHT BRINGS LIGHT, Part One The final arc of LOW begins here! Salus rises. The Burnt Legion attacks. Stel Caine faces the greatest challenge to her hope yet: the rage of her daughter, the Helmswoman Della.... View »

  • APR200708  
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2020 #1
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $5.99

    The war is over. The Dragon is destroyed. The city is saved. But at what cost? Splinter is gone, the Turtles are in disarray, and the Shredder has returned. But all is not as it seems as the Turtles' most-feared enemy... View »

  • FEB200872  
    Hellions #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    THE DOMINANT SPECIES? The Hellions can barely keep from killing one another, let alone find a way to fit into Krakoan society. Of course, that might be just what Mister Sinister is counting on when he sends them to clean... View »

  • APR200246  
    Birthright #45
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    END OF STORY ARC It’s all been building to this. The aftermath of Mikey Rhodes and the God King Lore’s epic battle will shock you. View »

  • MAR200221  
    Decorum #3
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    There are many assassins in the known universe, this is the story of the most well-mannered one. "Using the correct blade for any occasion is a matter of good manners." View »

  • FEB200766  
    Empyre #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    Three Avengers are trapped on the moon as war breaks out on Earth - and an ancient enemy reveals a scheme decades in the making! Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four fight against a creeping horror that might destroy them all -... View »

  • MAR200234  
    Middlewest #18
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    SERIES FINALE The missteps of the past meet an uncertain future as the roving monster that Dale has been confronts the ruinous behemoth that Abel has become. View »

  • MAR200219  
    Death Or Glory #11
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    SERIES FINALE THE JAM-PACKED FINAL ISSUE, WITH A FULL 32 GORGEOUS STORY PAGES!    Glory, Red, and (what's left of) the gang finally make it to their "Promised Land," but waiting for them are... View »

  • APR200622  
    The Books of Magic #21
    DC Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    From the moment he first discovered magic, Tim Hunter has been pursued by the mysterious organization known as the Cold Flame. But who are they? And why are they so determined to get their hands on the artifact Tim is hunting... View »

  • MAR200834  
    Empyre: X-Men #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    Plant people from outer space have come to Earth and, wouldn’t you know it, they just happen to be here when millions of mutants rise as undead creatures hungry for human flesh. The X-Men return to Genosha in a tale... View »

  • FEB200782  
    Empyre: Avengers #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    With the threat from the stars now reaching Earth, Captain America sends out the call for heroes to meet its advance across the globe! But in the far–off Antarctic Savage Land, Ka–Zar and the Agents of Wakanda... View »

  • FEB201027  
    Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #2
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    BEWARE THE MAD CITY! DOCTOR APHRA and her new team have tracked the RINGS OF VAALE to a mysterious planet filled with primordial horror. What's worse, the rings may be cursed...a malediction that could already be tearing... View »

  • FEB200784  
    Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    DESTINY FULFILLED! The child of the Kree hero Mar-Vell and Skrull Princess Anelle, Dorrek VIII—known on Earth as “Teddy”—has spent years evading the clutches of both bloodthirsty empires. But now... View »

  • FEB200922  
    Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    Who is the Sin-Eater, and why is it so terrifying that he’s back? Nick Spencer pulls back the curtain on one of the most dangerous Spidey villains in history. We will not only reveal more of Sin-Eater’s secret... View »

  • MAR200700  
    The Transformers #21
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "Rise of the Decepticons" continues! There are certain members of the Rise that if captured by Security Operations, would be bad news for both sides. When a convoy of them are being moved from one secret base to... View »

  • MAR200753  
    Sonic the Hedgehog #29
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    'All or Nothing,' Part Four! This is it! Sonic and the remaining members of the Restoration team-up for their final fight against the ultra powerful Deadly Six. Not only do they have to take on Zavok, but a legion... View »

  • MAR200816  
    Usagi Yojimbo #10
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    'Mon.' Long ago, Lord Hikiji defeated Usagi's Lord Mifune to take control of the Northern Province. Usagi, now traveling through his home province, still wears the mon (a family crest) of his former lord. But,... View »

  • APR201271  
    Red Sonja #17
    Dynamite  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Year Two continues, by MARK RUSSELL (DC's Year Of The Villain) and BOB Q (Captain America). Chaos descends as Khitai's new Master Of War, Sonja The Red, knows what she must do to restore order. But to do what is... View »

  • JAN200033  
    FCBD 2020: Spider-Man Venom #1
    Marvel Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    Marvel's Silver-level FCBD title provides two exciting tales connected to the coming major storylines in Venom, Amazing Spider-Man and Black Cat from top creators Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Jed MacKay, Patrick Gleason... View »

  • MAR201687  
    Resistance #3
    Artists Writers & Artisans Inc  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    J. Michael Straczynski - creator of Babylon 5, co-creator of Sense8, and writer of beloved runs on The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, and Superman: Earth One-returns to comics, teaming with Mike Deodato Jr.-the blockbuster artist... View »

  • MAR200766  
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #25
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Gary Carlson and Frank Fosco's epic run on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gets a proper ending after twenty-one years! The truth behind Lady Shredder is revealed! What does this mean for the Turtles? What does it mean... View »

  • APR200552  
    Amethyst #4
    Wonder Comics  ·  Jul 21st, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Princess Amy’s mission takes her and her companions directly into the heart of Dark Opal! But the answers Amethyst finds will change everything she thought she knew about the nature of Gemworld! View »

  • JAN201424  ·  CONSENSUS: 100%
    Zombie Tramp #70
    Action Lab Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    Angel Lynch relives some of her darkest memories-in her teenage years! Her nightmare journey continues as a mysterious spell has cast her into a dimension she is unable to escape from! Meanwhile, her past may literally tear... View »

  • MAR200238  
    Nomen Omen #7
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    “WICKED GAME,” Part Two As Becky recovers from the rooftop clash with Taranis and his lackeys, she finally realizes it’s time to abandon her old life and embrace her magical legacy once and for all. What... View »

  • MAR201505  
    The Man Who Effed Up Time #4
    AfterShock Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Sean Bennett’s been racing the clock, trying desperately to repair the f#%&ed up space-time continuum and get the dreaded robotic Future Police off his back, but everything he’s done has made things worse.... View »

  • MAR201385  
    Angel & Spike #12
    BOOM! Studios  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Team Spike has survived Hellmouth with some surprising allies, but now it's time to deal with the consequences-and all roads lead to Wolfram & Hart. View »

  • FEB209270  
    Wynd #2
    BOOM! Studios  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $4.99

    The Bandaged Man has returned to Pipetown to find any remaining magic and will eliminate it-or them -with extreme prejudice. But can Wynd, with the help of Oakley, find a way to cure himself of his magical heritage-or has... View »

  • MAR201529  
    Billionaire Island #3
    Ahoy Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The stakes rise in this timely satire by Mark Russell (SECOND COMING, The Wonder Twins) and Steve Pugh (The Flintstones)! A daring escape from the super-rich Billionaire Island leads quickly to a cowardly return. Meanwhile,... View »

  • MAR200255  
    Tartarus #4
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    “DOGS OF WAR” Family secrets deepen and Tilde must decide if blood is thicker than duty. She won’t have much time to decide as they go up against a faster, stronger, and more deadly enemy that will either... View »

  • APR201350  
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1
    BOOM! Studios  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $7.99

    * The Ranger Slayer - a.k.a. Kimberly Hart, the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger from the alternate universe once ruled by Lord Dakkon - returns home and nothing is like she expected. * In a world that only knows her as... View »

  • MAR201691  
    Hotell #3
    Artists Writers & Artisans Inc  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    You won't find it on any map, but if you happen to be driving down Route 66 in the dead of night and you're truly desperate for shelter, sanctuary or secrecy, you might see a battered sign on the side of the road.... View »

  • APR201317  
    Vengeance of Vampirella #9
    Dynamite  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Who or what is Abaddon and will its dark secrets be used to save the world from Mistress Nyx and her forces of Chaos...or destroy it? Vampirella must walk the line between Heaven and Hell to find out. Plus, Mazarin and his... View »

  • APR200011  
    Chu #1
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    "THE FIRST COURSE," Part One-TONY CHU is a cibopath, able to get psychic impressions from what he eats. SAFFRON CHU is a cibopars, able to learn secrets from who she eats with. Tony is a cop. Saffron is a criminal.... View »

  • MAR201411  
    Wicked Things #3
    BOOM! Studios  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Left in legal limbo with a murder accusation hanging over her and with only her wits for protection, Lottie Grote is determined to show the coppers overseeing her that she can detect rings around them all... And maybe (hopefully)... View »

  • OCT191498  
    Bad Reception #5
    AfterShock Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The last dance has finally arrived-but will it be for Hashtag, or for those who have survived this far? Join superstar creator Juan Doe for this finale as we bid farewell to everyone that attended this "off-the-grid"... View »

  • FEB200185  
    Lucy Claire: Redemption #5
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    END OF STORY ARC The wolf hunter, not yet fully recovered, has been taken prisoner in the night. Her captors have only one thing in mind for Lucy-her death! View »

  • APR200047  
    Bliss #1
    Image Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020

    SERIES PREMIERE! The team behind hit comic COYOTES returns for an all-new, two-arc maxi-series. There's a drug called Bliss wiping away memories in Feral City. A good-hearted young man, overwhelmed by a deathly sick... View »

  • MAR201222  
    A Clash of Kings #5
    Dynamite  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    An ill wind blows beyond the wall as Qhorin Halfhand arrives at the ranger encampment to recruit riders, while far to the warmth of the south, Tyrion conspires in the shadows to ensure the safety of Prince Tommen. War looms... View »

  • JAN200042  
    FCBD 2020: Horizon - Zero Dawn
    Titan Books  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    An exclusive lead-in story to the brand-new Horizon: Zero Dawn ongoing comic series! Discover a far-future Earth full of epic natural beauty, where awe-inspiring machines are the dominant species. Talanah, Sunhawk of the... View »

  • MAR201799  
    Comic Shop News #1718
    Comic Shop News  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    Comic Shop News is comics' weekly newsletter, produced in co-operation with Newsarama.com.  It features CSNsider, news, interviews and checklists. Originally solicited for release on 05/20/2020. View »

  • MAR201934  
    Omni #8
    Humanoids  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The leader of OMNI isn't ready to give up the fi ght, no matter how big the guns pointed at her may be! Cecelia restored peace in Chicago. But for how long? Looks like she made a few new enemies along the way, and now,... View »

  • MAR200781  
    Canto & the Clockwork Fairies #1
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED, FAN FAVORITE CANTO RETURNS! David M. Booher, Drew Zucker, Vittorio Astone, and Deron Bennett return to Canto's world, following the brave clockwork hero as he leads his people out from their home... View »

  • MAR201429  
    Kidz #5
    Ablaze  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    After the shocking turn of events at the Super Toyz store, the rest of the KIDZ come back home for a reprieve. Only to find Brooks alone, and Spielberg missing, with a bit of a fishy story. So Ben and Polly decide to do... View »

  • MAR202094  
    Vlad Dracul #1
    Scout Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $6.99

    Vlad Dracul II, the Impaler, the Son of the Dragon, was a Warlord, a Voivod, a Guardian Warrior, an iconic historical figure who was able to successfully strike fear into the hearts of the fearsome Ottoman Empire. Vlad is... View »

  • MAR200688  
    My Little Pony/Transformers #1
    IDW Publishing  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    When Queen Chrysalis casts a spell looking for more changelings, she accidentally interferes with a malfunctioning Spacebridge! What's this mean for our favorite fillies? There are suddenly a bunch of Autobots and Decepticons... View »

  • MAR202085  
    Canopus #4
    Scout Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    All of the mysteries are revealed! With the apparent truth in tow and launch imminent, Helen's plan to escape the orbit of Canopus proves to be less-than-ideal. In the aftermath, Arther helps her find the heart of the... View »

  • APR201142  
    Green Hornet #1
    Dynamite  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    From writer Scott Lobdell (Flash, Uncanny X-Men) and artist Anthony Marques (Vampirella, Red Sonja) comes the return of the Green Hornet! The Green Hornet and Kato have met their fair share of villains over the years, but... View »

  • FEB201386  
    Sweet Heart #2
    Action Lab Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Eight years after the events of the first issue, Maddie just wants to live a normal life. Unfortunately, she has to deal with public ridicule for the monster that follower her and struggles with contempt for her parents'... View »

  • MAR202177  
    Ginseng Roots #5
    Uncivilized Books  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $6.00

    The fifth issue flows along the 'crimson creek' of America's history with ginseng: from the Native people's uses of the plant, to French explorers' 'discovery' in 1716, to America's initiation... View »

  • APR202032  
    Yasmeen #1
    Scout Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Iraq, 2014. Life couldn't be better for 16 year-old Yasmeen as her family is able to buy a big new house. Then ISIS invades Mosul. Yasmeen's Shia family barely escapes, while Yasmeen us captured by terrorists and... View »

  • JAN200013  
    FCBD 2020: Dark Ark - Instinct
    AfterShock Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    We all know the story of Noah's Ark. This is the story of the other ark, the one full of vampires and ghouls and manticore and the like. And on a ship filled with monsters, every decision - those driven by reason and... View »

  • JAN200011  
    FCBD 2020: Valiant 2020 - The Year Of Heroes Special #1
    Valiant  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    Exploding out of the blockbuster Bloodshot movie starring international action powerhouse Vin Diesel, comes the hottest universe in comics! Follow the nanite-enhanced commando into battle with an all-new adrenaline-charged... View »

  • FEB201462  
    Ezequiel Himes: Zombie Hunter #1
    Amigo Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    From the Eisner-nominated Victor Santos (Polar, Violent Love) and Alberto Hernandez (Crosso-ver!) comes a zombie apocalypse thriller packed with action! The living dead triumphed, and now on the top are the "Fathers",... View »

  • FEB202120  
    Shang #2
    Zenescope  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $5.99

    After Shang and his rival, who recently revealed herself to be a woman named Mulan, get transported to a mysterious realm, they must set off to find a way back to settle their score once and for all. They will soon find... View »

  • FEB201964  
    Gutt Ghost: Trouble With the Sawbuck Skeleton Society #1
    Scout Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    As seen in Heavy Metal magazine, a special one-shot of everyone's favorite intestinal ghost. Gutt Ghost finds himself mistakenly in debt to a long standing organization cloaked in violence and hellfire. Welcome the Sawbuck... View »

  • JAN201486  
    Carson of Venus: Realm of the Dead #2
    American Mythology  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    On the planet Venus, in the region of Morov, the dead walk in the decaying city of Kormor... And Carson Napier wants in! After kidnapping the Princess Duare, the villainous scientist Skor has imprisoned Carson's one... View »

  • MAR201971  
    Hellfighter Quin #3
    Mad Cave Studios  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    The origins of the Doomseer are revealed. Hellfighter is presented with his most difficult challenge yet as he faces off against Cyber Horizon's champion, Maimframe, while Shard stands toe to toe in a battle against... View »

  • MAR202067  
    Xira #1
    Red 5  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Xira has been experimented on her entire life to help mankind create the perfect astronaut, making her smarter, faster, stronger. When Xira is allowed to have a baby who will also be experimented on Xira has had enough and... View »

  • JAN200022  
    FCBD 2020: Manhwa Contemporary Korean Comics!
    Drawn and Quarterly  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $0.00

    This sampler features the best of the contemporary Korean Manhwa scene. This FCBD issue spotlights Yeon-sik Hong's family saga Umma's Table, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's documentary of Korean "comfort women"... View »

  • APR202063  
    John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Hyperbreed #5
    Storm King Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $3.99

    Countdown to destruction. Byrr, Fext, and Cammo risk all as they make a final mad attempt to escape the monstrous Maks, destroy Eye-5's pirate fleet, reveal the Corporation's treasonous activities to the Government... View »

  • APR201576  
    World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #100
    Archie Comics  ·  Jul 22nd, 2020  ·  $7.99

    BRAND NEW STORY: "Hundreds of Possibilities!" Celebrate the milestone 100th issue of World of Archie! Archie takes a nap only to be awakened by someone pounding on his door. To his surprise, it's his best friend... View »

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