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  • Rjepic1
    This review contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
  • B_joshm27
    The Conclusion to the series, as the insect Un Men are unleasehd, Janus Sr. dies trying to kill Cranius, for aborting his baby, and Niko gets turned into a insect Un Man, while Janus Jr. sets up a secret pizza shop, and...
  • B_joshm27
    The fall of Aberrance, and Un Corp begins here, Kilcrop is under investigation for the death's of Un Men, and some others missing, flash back to four month's prior, Connie Sunderland comes to to Abberance, and sets...
  • B_joshm27
    Another look back at Kilcrops history, and how it relates to Cranius, at some point in time Kilcrops dad bought Cranius off the market, and planned to use him for a show, but Cranius got into Phineus's head, and had...
  • B_joshm27
    In this issue Janus, and Jr. decide they are going to have a baby, but Jr. wants out as thus calls Aiden to get out, we meet the twins who run the most popular brothel in Abberance, and Kilcrop promises to do them a favor....
  • B_joshm27
    In this issue, we find out the Un Woman, or the Meta Mater was a prisoner in Dr Cranius underground facility, held away from the rest of Aberrance, and the origin of how it came to be, we also see that Nadia, and Aiden are...
  • B_joshm27
    In the continuation of The Children of the Paradox story, we see the Un Woman, a creature with tha ability to impregnant men after sleeping with them, she has been brought to the Red Light District of Amberrance from a unknown...
  • B_joshm27
    This is the start of the next major storyline in the Un Men, there is a new seedy element in Abberance, and men are getting pregnant because of it, we explore the red light district in Aberrance, and meet some new players...
  • adfellne
    Jemisin and Campbell continue to kill it with Far Sector #5. This issue explores some of the City Enduring's social hierarchy, as well as Lantern Mullein's past and what drives her desire for justice. This comic...
    • CarnuSaga

      Another great review.  I've really enjoyed all that you've been posting lately. Great to see Jamal Campbell getting the chance to show off his storytelling abilities in such a well-written book!

  • badboynerd
    Like Professor X's School for Gifted youngster, but for magicians :) The sheer amount of magic-ry is overwhelmingly awesome. Humberto Ramos' pencils are lean and kinetic, perfectly capturing the youthful joy of this...
    • Easybrand
      I enjoyed this issue even though it is a premise that has been overdone. The introduction of the new characters was a little refreshing, but adding the children of arch enemies seemed a little Kum ba yah to me. This series could go badly, if it explores teen love too much, or it could stay fairly light hearted a continue as the fluff piece it is. I’m not expecting anything too mind blowing from this series, but I’m in for a few books because I like Doctor Strange so much.

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