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pull list and subscription tracker

Pull List Software

Track Upcoming Releases

There's no more guess work or constant check-ins with creator Twitter accounts to stay in the know. Find out what's on the horizon and when they're hitting stores shelves and digital storefronts with up-to-date new comics release calendars and catalogs.

  • Subscriptions

    Pull all future issues of a series, or just a single issue. All configurable.

  • Spend forecasting

    Review your pull list stats with spend this week, this month, and next month.

  • LCS sync

    Connect and share your pull list with participating local comic stores.

  • Email notifications

    Every Tuesday evening, we'll send you an email with your pulls as a reminder.

  • Personalized recommendations

    We'll recommend titles based on your interests and your friends' pulls.

Catalog your comic book collection online

Comic Collection Software

Catalog Your Comics

Catalog your comic books free - what you own, what you've read, and want - with our versatile and beautiful interface. No need to install or update. Our community-driven database ensures your collection has high-quality covers and details. Perfect to show off to your friends.

  • Robust filters and sorting

    Browse your comics by series, publisher, creator, character, format and more.

  • Easy organization

    Create folders or tags to organize your comics, with notes and details.

  • Import and export options

    Import your comic data from anywhere, or Export for backup any time.

  • Mobile companion apps

    Use our iOS or Android apps to manage your collection on the go.

  • Web-based storage

    It's all in the cloud, so you can connect from any device you'd like.

Browse a massive comic book database

Comic Book Database

Discover New & Old Comics

Not sure what comics to add to your pull list? Find what to read next with over 200,000 comic books in our database. Browse by creator, publisher, character, and more. Discover what's new this week, what's great this year, and all-time favorites - finding quality books has never been easier.

  • Issue summaries

    At a glance, review the synopsis, credits, characters, and variants.

  • Series tracking

    Check out all of the releases within each title and track your reading progress.

  • Character wiki

    Learn more about characters with biographies, history and appearances.

  • Creator history

    Track the latest titles from the comic industry greats to rising stars.

A dedicated social network for comic book fans

Community & Social Network

Connect with Comic Fans

Comic book fans are scattered online - on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and more. The League of Comic Geeks is about bringing unity with community-focused features stemming from your own collection and pull list to help you connect with other fans.

  • Personalized profiles

    Share your inner geek with avatars, backgrounds, and more.

  • Community feed

    Post updates, reviews or comic discussion to your friends and the community.

  • Activity feed

    Get ideas for your pull list by checking out your followers' feeds.

  • Direct messaging

    Chat with followers in private to discuss comics or coordinate trades.

  • Privacy settings

    Add privacy settings and only engage with your friends and followers.

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Retailer Tools

We offer new ways to reach, engage and manage customers with a growing suite of tools. If you're a retailer in need of pull list management or want to be a part of our network, check out our retailer program.

Powered by Geeks, For Geeks

We're backed by a wonderful, detail-oriented community and a robust contribution system. Members can submit issues or make corrections to be reviewed by our community moderators.

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