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Preview Of The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Costumes
Play dress-up with the webslinger in his newest game [Updated 06/26]

the amazing spider-man game costumes

The Amazing Spider-Man video game arrives in stores this week for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, DS, and 3DS. As you'd expect from any Spider-Man game, developer Beenox are including a ton of unlockable costumes that can be acquired by exploring the open-world Manhattan. Here's a preview of some of the suits the developer has included in the game, from left to right:

The Negative Zone Suit: Spider-Man’s costume turned into this silver-and-black version when he entered the Negative Zone. It allowed him to merge with shadows and become practically invisible in the comics, but don't expect those extra abilities here.

The Black Suit from Spider-Man 3: In the third Spider-Man film from director Sam Raimi, the black symbiote attached itself to Peter's costume, giving it this sleek black look. Though most fans would like to erase the film from their memory, the black symbiote suit can be used once it is unlocked.

The Big Time Suit: Dan Slott and Humbertos Ramos introduced this neon-green costume for the webslinger during their massive overarching arc, "Big Time".

The Belt-less Suit: In Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker dons a Spider-Man costume without a belt, giving him a long and slender appearance. As the game takes place after the events of the film, Beenox gave the webslinger a belt to keep with the realistic theme. Where else would he store his new gadgets? The inclusion of this costume skin allows players to drop the belt.

The Party Hat... Suit: Yea, don't ask.

The Vigilante Suit: Before he dons the Spider-Man costume in the film, Peter Parker wanders Manhattan in this "vigilante" outfit. This specific skin is exclusive to PS3.

The Scarlet Spider (Kaine): When Peter's clone, Kaine, returns after the "Grim Hunt" storyline in the comics, he dons the identity of the Scarlet Spider and wears this awesome red and black costume. It can be seen in the pages of Chris Yost's Scarlet Spider.

The Spider-Morphosis: In The Amazing Spider-Man #437, Spider-Man attempts to rescue the mutant Synch from Plantman, only to be sprayed in the face by mutagenic flowers. Spider-Man's body was transformed into a humanoid spider, his costume shredded, his hands changed into claws, his face into a spider-like visage, with eight tiny eyes and large fangs and other "gross and humiliating changes".

The Future Foundation Suit (Inverted): In the comics, Spider-Man joins Reed Richards’ Future Foundation after Johnny Storm's apparent death. The team change their costumes from the blue to a new sleek black and white look as the FF. During stealth missions, they went with an inverted version of their costumes, this being Spider-Man's.

We're excited for the game, and it's not just because of the costumes. For The Amazing Spider-Man movie, director Marc Webb and writer James Vanderbilt created a much more realistic world for the webslinger. In the film, the origin of Peter's powers and Dr. Curt Connors' transformation into the Lizard are connected with OSCORP at the center of it. That foundation served as a springboard for game developer, Beenox, to expand upon for their new Spider-Man game that took place after the events of the film. They took the idea of OSCORP working on cross-species experiments and applied it to some of Spider-Man's comic book foes like the Scorpion, Iguana and Rhino. That amount of attention to detail with world-building suggests we're in for an awesome video game.

And they're doing some pretty cool things with stealth, just watch this developer diary:

Posted on June 24, 2012, 9:17 pm


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