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Josh Trank in Talks to Direct a Venom Movie for Sony?
Reports suggest the Chronicle Director is in early negotiations

venomAfter the success of Chronicle, it was clear that director Josh Trank had a bright future in Hollywood. Even before the film's release, it was rumored that Trank would take on Sony's reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. Trank later revealed that he had not heard of the rumor himself. Now it seems he's in talks to take on another Marvel property for the studio - Venom.

The rumor seems to have come from an LA Times blogger who claims a source familiar with the project revealed the 'news' to him, though was unable to speak about it publicly.

Sony has been developing a film based on the otherworldly symbiote. Back in 2009, director Gary Ross had been attached to the project, but departed to helm the upcoming Hunger Games movie. Writer Jacob Estes had even penned a script based on the Marvel Comics character years ago.

Whether or not the studio will utilize his script or seek a new writer is unknown, as is what version of the character will be used for the actual film. One thing is clear, the studio is looking to expand the Spider-Man franchise in some form.

Posted on March 6, 2012, 8:49 pm


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