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TRON: Legacy Prequel Graphic Novel Coming October

FTron: Legacy movieor TRON fans, the second half of 2010 will bring an abundance of fan service. They've waited 18 years for a sequel to the original movie, and they'll get one with TRON: Legacy. Then there's the Disney video game TRON: Evolution that will bridge the gap between the two movies. But the light-cycle lovin' doesn't end there, Disney Press has gone ahead and begun creating an original graphic novel entitled TRON: The Betrayal that adds even more depth to the TRON universe.

Nestled somewhere between the two films, the 128 page novel is written by Fabian Nicieza and contains art from Andie Tong. Supposedly it acts as a prequel to the movie, but also contains a slew of new characters and storylines not found in the new movie or video game. It will reach stores October 19th of this year in time for the movie.

Posted on June 5, 2010, 11:42 pm


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